Friday, June 15, 2007

Web today

I came home yesterday and my son had they TV on. Paris... He said it's been all that's been on for the last week.

This made me realize that since I'm connected to the news via other means: web, podcast, etc. I get to have a richer experience regarding what's going on around me. Without the web I would probably have to settle for Paris, and that's a sad commentary.

Instead, I know what stem cell research is going on (think growing your own vertebra for surgury on your own back), that a 1957 Plymouth buried then, in Tulsa, to celebrate Oklahoma's then 50 years of statehood is being dug up (and it doesn't look good), what archeologic finds have just been discovered, about a town being wired for phones via wifi, that Gene Roddenberry is being inducted into the SF Hall of Fame (did you know that before all that Star Trek stuff, he flew B17's and also flew for PanAm?) and on and on...

But network news has Paris for us instead... Pllllleeeeeaaaasssseeeee.!!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Interstate 405

I was looking for some other piece of information, but stumbled, instead, upon this gem of a film from 7 years ago.

This film, produced in 2000, was 3 minutes long, took 4 months to make, before the kinds of film making tools that are available today. Still, this work, rivaled what the major motion picture studios could produce.

Link here or here

It is also very funny.