Friday, June 16, 2006

Automatic door

Gizmodo Japan: Auto door

maybe not what you would think, right out of a science fiction movie, but this may be useful.

This Fukuda’s Automatic Door , opening to fit the person or object's shape coming through.

Its motion-detecting portal saves energy by keeping a door from having to open and close all the way, which helps to maintain a stable temperature in a room, and can prevent dirt or other materials from entering.

check out this video of the prototype (Real Audio Video stream)

Thursday, June 08, 2006

FierceWiFi - Israel

Wifi, WiMAX and wireless broadband news in FierceWiFi

Their announcement of the winners of this year's annual Fierce 15, a list of the hottest, "fiercest" companies in the WiFi world for 2006.

4 of the 15 are in Israel, 5 are in Europe, only 4 are in the U.S.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Driving Drunk

Today, while taking a little trip to Half Moon Bay to see friends, we happened to get behind some guy in a Mazda sort of SUV. After a minute it became evident that he was drunk. He was weaving back and for in the lane and after another minute, Eunice and I decided we needed to call the police. E-911 on a cell is no picnic, and after about 5 minutes of on hold and press 1 for English, well a lot had happened. He decided the stop and go traffic on Hwy 92 wasn't going fast enough for him, so he passed about 5 cars by going into the opposing traffic lane. By the time he actually was staring at some opposing traffic, he swerved back into the stop and go lane, screeching tires all the way to fit into a spot behind some poor dude. Rear ending him in the process and just about putting his own SUV into the ditch. The guy that got hit was ok, but had a good scrape on his bumper. The drunk dude, takes off again, this time, passing about 4-5 more cars, and by then he's out of sight. CHP, when they finally came on the line, said avoid the guy if you can, and of course, we explained the situation fully and gave what particulars we had. We never saw him again, nor any other accidents. Say a prayer, hopefully he didn't meet up with anyone else. The lesson here is obvious, jeez, Don't Drive Drunk (period).